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You know exactly who this is...😌😏

😅 hmmmmm lol well what’s up with me and you then?

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What's wrong?

Stress led to frustration, frustration led to desperation, desperation led to rash decision making, rash decision making led to the club…got to the club and….went downhill from there lol

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Whatever is on your mind....I'm fond of everything you write

😘 thank you, thank you. Who is this…😏


Hung. The. Fuck. Over.

1). What comes to mind baby?

What comes to mind every time
I’m caught in the process of thinking?
My blinking soul beaconing out to yours
From the shores of the land of the loveless
As I obsess over images of your business
Dress, or chill mode attire.
Fire sign by nature, immerse all of yourself
In my abysmal depth, it allows plenty room to burn
Or learn the hundreds of ways you’ve attracted me
Be that earlier or as of late
Any date you choose, I’m dying to have a one on one
Some dinner for twos and three am mornings
These boring instances feed my desire to know
Oh, how that mind turns, how that frame works
It hurts to think that I’ll never discover
I’ll never experience
I’ll never feel
I’ll never touch
I’ll never share
…these thoughts with you

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I'm not impatient and I'm smiling cheeeeeeese 😁😌

lol, if I were to write…what would you wanna see?

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I see :-/.....

Straighten up that face. Someone’s impatient…hahaha. Why the half smile?